Pétro Montestrie

Pétro Montestrie: Your choice supplier of petroleum products
in the Monteregie and Estrie regions

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Products and services

Pétro Montestrie offers you the efficient and economical solution for your needs for petroleum products, including fuels and lubricants, and chemicals used in residential, agricultural and commercial.

  • Heating oil distributor

  • Budget plans

  • Automatic delivery (24/7 service)

  • Complete line of Petro-Canada lubricants and greases

  • Analysis and recommendations to ensure the customer receives the best lubricant for the job

  • Petroleum product depots in several locations

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Pétro Montestrie

Pétro Montestrie now adds the banners of Petroles St-Jean, Petro Sud-Ouest, Petroles Vosco, PetroLub, Gendron & Lamoureux, Marchand Petroleum & Petroserv.

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